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quaint adj
1 strange in an interesting or pleasing way; "quaint dialect words"; "quaint streets of New Orleans, that most foreign of American cities"
2 very strange or unusual; odd or even incongruous in character or appearance; "the head terminating in the quaint duck bill which gives the animal its vernacular name"- Bill Beatty; "came forth a quaint and fearful sight"- Sir Walter Scott; "a quaint sense of humor"
3 attractively old-fashioned (but not necessarily authentic); "houses with quaint thatched roofs"; "a vaulted roof supporting old-time chimney pots" [syn: old-time, olde worlde]

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From Old French cointe, and queinte pretty, clever, knowing < Latin cognitus known, past participle of cognoscere to know



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  1. Having old-fashioned charm.
    • It's a very quaint village with old-fashioned storefronts.
  2. Strange or odd in an interesting, pleasing, or amusing way.
    • came forth a quaint and fearful sight - Sir Walter Scott
  3. Highly incongruous, inappropriate, or illogical; naive, unreasonable -- usually used ironically.
  4. Characterized by cleverness or ingenuity; skillfully wrought or artfully contrived.
    • to show how quaint an orator you are - Shakespeare
  5. Overly discriminating or needlessly meticulous; fastidious.


old-fashioned charm
interestingly strange
incongruous, inappropriate or illogical
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